Hey everybody!
Although I had a great time in France, I felt that 10 months was too long to be away from home.
I'm back in good ol' Dayton Ohio now and I start my second semester of school next Monday!
I learned a lot of awesome things in France and made a lot of great friends, and I hope to go back soon.
A bientot pour maintenant !
This is from yesterday, when I went to Chamonix Mont-Blanc, a skiing town high up in the Alps with
I went to Annecy last Wednesday with my Australian friend, Sarah. We had a great time going to a creperie, the Christmas market, the stores of Rue Carnot, and Courrier, the shopping mall with H&M of course!
Christmas! 12/26/2010
Here are some photos from Christmas- unfortunately I was only there for opening up presents because I was sick all the rest of the day. Fortunately, I feel better now!
Anyways, Joyeux Noel from France!
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A Week at School 12/11/2010
Here are some photos from this past week at school-- I went to a boulangerie and walked around town, as usual!
Snow! 11/30/2010
These are some photos of last weekend when I stayed with the Prats (one of my Rotary counselors), played in the snow, went to a band concert.
School 11/30/2010
Here are a few photos from my daily routine at school!
The Sunday before last, I took a quick trip to Geneva with Gabby and her host parents and visited a science museum. Here are a couple of photos!
So today I only had one hour of class, which was French. I usually have an hour of biology and another hour of geophysical on Wednesdays, but that's only 3 out of 4 weeks, and today was the day I didn't have them (so I slept in! :) ). In the afternoon, my host-dad drove me to Grenoble, an hour south, so that he could do some work with his friends that live there and I could visit my friend Thea from Canada, who lives in Grenoble for a year now. Today we went up to the top of a mountain with the lifts, did some shopping, and saw a lot of the city! Hope you enjoy all of the pics I posted today!